Enlighten Whitening for a Dazzling White Smile

A white smile breeds confidence and is one of the most noticeable qualities of your entire expression. Unfortunately, foods such as coffee and red wine, and habits such as smoking will stain the teeth and turn enamel yellow over time. In the past, achieving a set of pearly whites could take a great deal of time; this process was mainly reserved for celebrities alone. Thanks to a revolutionary technology known as Evolution 3 by Enlighten, a dazzling smile has never been easier to achieve. In fact, this very same process is offered by Dr. Sam Sherif at Veritas Dental Care on Harley Street.

What Makes Evolution 3 So Different?

In the past, most procedures were only able to address specific stains while achieving varying levels of whiteness. This proprietary process guarantees that all teeth are able to enjoy the brightest shade possible (Vita B1). Therefore, any patient can rest assured that he or she will boast a truly scintillating set of teeth.

The Process Itself

One of the primary benefits that our cosmetic dentist offers through Evolution 3 is that most of the treatments will occur from the comfort of one’s home. We will first take a mould of the teeth. Slightly before the procedure begins, we supply our patients with a different type of toothpaste known as a ‘Tooth Serum’. This will aid in reducing an sensitivity.

Once the moulds are ready, they are worn overnight for 14 days in combination with a proprietary whitening gel. An initial mixture is used for the first seven days and a slightly stronger version is applied for the remaining seven days. Then, our patient will return to Veritas Dental Care for a final treatment which lasts approximately 40 minutes. This last application will help to guarantee that the colour stabilises and produces long-lasting effects.

Simple and Easy

So, it is clear to see that this at-home procedure is quite easy and convenient for those who lead busy lives. As it will offer truly astounding results, Evolution 3 is proving to be quite popular.

Have you been looking for an effective whitening solution? If so, please contact Dr. Sam Sherif at 020 7580 5954. You can schedule an appointment at your earliest possible convenience and we will be more than happy to answer any additional questions that you may have. Say hello to a brighter smile today!