Would you like a pleasing smile

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It has been known that your smile creates a first impression.  Many times, patients have the perfect smile  but would like to enhance the “whiteness” of their teeth.

Teeth whitening, while it will only take you so far is a great way to start as it is the most conservative way to enhance a smile.

Those of you who I am fortunate enough to treat will know I like to be very thorough in my examinations. Communication from your side can also help. Below are a few ways you can specify your goals during our consultation:

  1. Most of us have smartphones that are more useful for doing a hundred other tasks than just making phone calls. One of these is taking pictures. Take a picture from the front saying ‘EEEEE’ and one from 30 degrees to the side. This will show how other people see you.
  2. Looking at these pictures on your screen or printed out will give you a reverse perspective of how you look in the mirror to which we all become accustomed. Some things may now become more noticeable so write these points down.
  3. Sometimes whitening your teeth will provide a fairly rapid change that satisfies all your needs but it may not be possible to get all your wish list items from just tooth whitening.

In other posts, we will discuss further conservative methods to improve your smile.

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