Teeth whitening options

We offer two options for whitening.

The first is Zoom. Dr. Sherif would assess that your teeth are healthy enough to be whitened and then take impressions for his laboratory to fabricate custom whitening trays for you. You would then bleach at home. This offers a good improvement at a reasonable cost.

For patients desiring a more impressive change in shade, a combination of at home and in practice whitening would be used. This is called Enlighten. Dr. Sherif would again take molds of your teeth, but send them to Enlighten’s central laboratory. Dr. Sherif “test drives” whatever he can before using it on his patients. Sensitivity has been a big issue with whitening. However, while you await the Enlighten trays you would be given their proprietary toothpaste to use for 14 nights which has made the whitening a pain free experience. This is also because the design of the gels is improved. Once you have the trays you would bleach for several nights at home and then return for a 40-minute power whitening in the practice.

Your results will be maintained by a few nights bleaching a year using the trays you now have.

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