Treatment overview

Cosmetic contouring is a simple procedure using fine diamond discs to give a more attractive appearance by shaping the edges of your teeth to provide a more aligned and uniform look. It is a quick and economical way of enhancing your smile. You are a candidate for cosmetic contouring if you have small chips, uneven teeth lengths or minor crowding. It provides as an attractive finish to tooth whitening, Invisalign or veneer treatments.

Our method

No anaesthetic or regular drilling is needed. A slow speed diamond disc is used to polish and buff your teeth and give a much more pleasing smile with minimal tooth adjustment. No materials are required to be added to the teeth or laboratory involvement is required, reducing cost and time to one visit.

Key Benefit

As the teeth are only reshaped there is no aftercare, no areas that need replacing or can chip and the cost is very affordable. You should avoid biting your finger nails or chewing ice and a night guard may be provided to protect your teeth from recurrence of any damage that necessitated the treatment.