Treatment overview

Using a porcelain veneer I as a prosthodontist or what is commonly called a cosmetic dentist in London can customise the appearance of your smile by bonding durable, aesthetic, high quality ceramics onto the front surface of your teeth. Veneers are commonly talked about as a minimal preparation procedure as they conserve the vast majority of the underlying tooth structure. On consultation some patients are suitable for painless no preparation veneers meaning no injections or drilling. These would typically be patients with spaced, worn or inwardly angled teeth. You may have read of these as Lumineers and they can be completed in two short visits.

Our method

Once a small amount of the tooth surface has been altered for best fit, thin ceramic shells will be colour matched and tinted to best suit your smile and then bonded in place. We only use the best type of veneer which is hand crafted by a specialist laboratory technician rather than the pre made type or veneers made from bonding material directly in the mouth. Our technician will hand layer the porcelain to allow light to reflect naturally off the surface as if it was enamel while giving the best possible fit. For Lumineers a mould is taken of your teeth and several days later the laboratory technician will deliver the final veneers to securely fix as normal to your teeth. They will have a natural look and feel and can be maintained by regular oral care.

Key Benefit

Porcelain veneers do not change colour and when properly looked after last for years or even decades. It is also minimally invasive as I strive to be as conservative as is clinically possible to meet my patient’s goals. Veneers only cover the front or visible surface of your teeth so leave the back and sides untouched. On average even with the minimal preparation veneers only ½ mm of tooth surface is altered and with Lumineers the teeth are un prepped. It is not a painful procedure but sedation is available for nervous patients.