Treatment overview

A smile makeover is easier to think of as smile design, taking into account the position, symmetry, shape and colour of a patient’s smile to achieve an appearance that meets their aspirations by treating multiple teeth, commonly 8 to 10 in the arch. This may be by porcelain veneers, or a combination of tooth whitening clear braces such as Invisalign and Botox or lip fillers.

Our method

Every Smile Makeover is a custom made plan to meet your needs and goals.

Following a consultation for a smile makeover in London, you will be shown photographs of attractive teeth that suit them or they may bring a picture from a magazine of the type of smile to which they aspire.

Just as you would not build a house without detailed architect drawings, if porcelain veneers are to be used I work with my technician to create in wax the desired endpoint of the patient and myself. Once we are happy with how the end result will look we prepare the teeth for moulds at the first visit and fir the veneers a few days later at the second appointment.

If Invisalign clear aligners are recommended I can design the treatment on a highly advanced computer programme, which lets me share with you how long your treatment should last and show you the final alignment of the teeth.

If the shape and position of the teeth is satisfying, teeth whitening would be used as a simple quick improvement of ones smile and esteem. As the lips frame the smile another straightforward option is fillers and anti wrinkle injections.

Key Benefit

Our holistic approach to a Smile Makeovers takes into account every aspect of the patient’s face and teeth, creating beautiful symmetry in shape, colour and position. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our patient’s satisfaction with their appearance and a marked improvement to their smile, that lasts for years.