Treatment overview

Sedation is also known as sleep dentistry and uses medication to calm, relax or occasionally put the patient to sleep. The depth of sedation depends on a patient’s anxiety level but it is even of use to non-nervous patients. For lengthy procedures such as the treatment of many teeth or smile makeovers sleep dentistry allows you to wake up with a new smile

Our method

The choice of medicament is dependent upon what type of sedation is required. A tablet can be taken an hour before the procedure that gives a mild to moderate reduction in awareness and anxiety. If deeper sedation or sleep is recommended an anesthetist will be brought in to care for you and deliver the sedation through a vein in the back of your hand. This is very safe and has the benefit that the level of sedation can be controlled throughout the treatment. You will not be able to drive for a few hours after the procedure and should have a family member or friend collect you after sedation.

Key Benefit

Sedation not only reduces anxiety and makes you stress-free but it allows the visit pain-free too. As you will not be in discomfort from laying down or open for a prolonged appointment, treatment can be finished sooner as more can be achieved while you are asleep. When you can look forward to dental treatment it allows you to maintain optimal oral health.