Treatment overview

White fillings also known as composite fillings are an attractive and safe alternative to silver fillings used in the past meaning Dr. Sherif can keep your mouth free of unsightly mercury restorations. As they bond to the tooth and not just fill a gap they are stronger than amalgam stopping’s, with no possible harm to your body.

Our method

Although a filling used to be considered a simple procedure, placing a white filling requires a greater degree of skill. As a cosmetic dentist in London, Beverly Hills and the Malibu area Dr Sherif acquired these techniques. A rubber dam will usually be placed for your comfort but also to keep the tooth dry which lets the filling last extra years longer. Composite fillings are actually tooth coloured resin which is sculptured in the cavity as a soft putty and then hardened with a blue light. When adhered correctly white fillings can last as long as silver fillings. If you wish to replace your silver fillings, careful steps will be taken to ensure all the mercury is removed from your body.

Key Benefit

In contrast to metal fillings, white fillings blend with your natural teeth and contribute to your mouth’s health along with your smile’s radiance. Composite fillings offer several benefits to your teeth, they:

  • Strengthen your natural tooth by being bonded to it
  • Allow for filling additions to be made at a later date, if necessary
  • Avoid the many health concerns associated with mercury fillings
  • Keep your teeth looking natural and beautiful