Treatment overview

Denture stabilisation is a simple procedure that can increase the comfort of a patient’s current denture significantly, or can be made alongside a new denture. To achieve this four implants are placed in the upper arch and two implants in the lower arch. Locators are then placed on either the new or current denture to mirror the site on the implant and these attach to the implants. The overall result is a stable denture when eating and speaking and the ability to chew/bite harder. This improved both the social and functional aspects of a patients day to day life.

Our method

When meeting with the Prosthodontist initially he will assess the current denture, and the bone in the patient’s mouth. After discussing the desired end product with the patient he will send for a CT scan.

He will spend several hours undertaking the planning using the scan and specialised software. When doing this he is looking at the thickness and depth of the bone and where the implants will integrate successfully. He is sure to avoid any vital structures such as nerves and blood vessels. Most importantly he places the implants at specific distances to ensure even distribution of the load on the implants.

After the planning is complete he will then take a mould in your mouth. This will be used in conjunction with the scan and case planning to construct a surgical stent.

Once the stent is fabricated the implants can be placed in a minimally invasive manner. This ensures optimal healing in the shortest time and with the least discomfort.

Approximately 6-12 weeks the attachments are placed onto the denture and the implant. The advantage of being on Harley Street means the technician will come to the lab and place the locators onto the denture. This means during the whole procedure you will never be without your denture.

Key Benefit

Denture Stabilisation benefits the social and functional aspects of life. Gone is the rocking and loose denture and now they feel more like natural teeth. The ability to speak and laugh with confidence and eat steak and crusty bread will make life more enjoyable to the wearer.