Treatment overview

An implant is a definitive replacement for a lost tooth or set of teeth that is fixed and independent of the neighbouring natural teeth. Unlike a fixed bridge they do not require the adjacent teeth which may be untouched to be treated.

Our method

Usually a CT scan will be taken and the treatment planned on a computer. A guide will then be produced through which the implant will be accurately placed. In most cases this can avoid the painful cutting and stitching previously associated with implants in London. After the implant heals and fuses to your bone as a Harley Street prosthodontist Dr Sherif will restore the implant with a custom made crown and an abutment to look like your neighbouring teeth.

Key Benefit

Implants do not get decay, require root canals or have nerves that can cause pain. They also allow me to provide my patients with individual teeth instead of joining two teeth together to make a bridge. This means they are easier to clean and should need less treatment in the future than bridges.

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