Treatment overview

An examination typically lasts for 60 minutes for new patients and 30 minutes for recall patients and consists of:

  • The jaw joints checked carefully as well as other important structures outside of the mouth
  • The teeth checked for any abnormalities, such as decay or fractures, as well as any existing restorations e.g. crowns, bridges and implants
  • Gums are assessed to ensure no gingivitis or gum disease is developing
  • Finally the soft tissues and other supporting structures in the mouth are examined very closely to ensure that they are in the healthiest condition and nothing sinister is developing

Our method

With a range of instruments the tissues, teeth and gums are carefully examined for any signs of abnormalities. Additionally, dental x-rays maybe required to assess in between the teeth as these areas cannot be seen with the naked eyes. It is also essential to take x-rays to check existing restorations (e.g. crowns, bridges and fillings) to ensure they are not cracking or becoming decayed at the edges.

Key Benefit

The most important reason to attended regular dental examinations is to ensure that all types of disease can be caught early and therefore treated in the most minimal way possible to save as much of the natural tooth structure.