Treatment overview

The first signs of periodontal disease are usually bleeding when you brush or bad breath due to bacteria around the neck of the teeth. This build up of bacteria causes an infection which destroys the surrounding bone and gums and may cause your teeth to move or be lost if it is left untreated. While it can never be cured it can be stabilised and improved by keeping bacteria away from the gums.

Our method

A hygiene visit is 45 minutes with the hygienist to discuss way to improve your oral hygiene, clean above the gums and as needed deep scale below the gums in more serious cases. Following your examination with Harley Street dentist Dr Sherif he will have measured the depth of gums around your teeth. These accurate recordings will be used at your hygiene visits to clean ensure no areas are neglected and that we have a record to see if you are improving at each visit. For our patients with the most serious conditions, seeing one of the periodontists we work with in the Harley Street area may be recommended after initial treatment.

Key Benefit

There are many benefits to visiting the hygienist. Socially it would be clean white teeth with the absence of bad breath. In combination with good home care it will prevent you losing your teeth as you progress through life. More seriously in the last 20 years poor good gum health has been linked with an increase in heart attacks, diabetes and respiratory diseases.