Treatment overview

Crowns can cover problems such as lost fillings, cracking, fracturing, and root canal treatment. The potential spans much further these are just a few things that porcelain crowns can be used for. Many people choose to place them on teeth which have had large silver fillings crack the tooth, or those that are unattractive due to discolouration. Dr Sherif will do a full evaluation and let you know where crowns may be best placed for your individual needs.

Our method

An initial impression of your prepared teeth will be taken. The crown will then be tailored by a master technician to fit your tooth, while a carefully made temporary crown will be placed on your tooth. You will receive attention from only the best of dental labs to get your tooth colour just right.

Key Benefit

When planned and made well with maintenance at home and at check ups crowns in London can last up to four decades.