I wanted the name of our practice to embody how I perform dentistry and care for my patients. I carefully selected the name Veritas as it held values important to me, other than being the motto of my alma mater, Harvard.


Veritas means truth, beauty, and kindness. I treat all patients as if they were a friend or family member.  Honesty is expected and is of paramount importance especially when caring for patients who must have trust in what their dentists recommend and performs to enhance their oral health.

As a prosthodontist, the only specialty which brings together restorative, implant and cosmetic dentistry, I have spent many years in Boston, Beverly Hills, and London dedicating my career to allow the treatment I perform to look beautiful, natural and be long lasting.

Naturally, it has become more common for patients who are nervous or anxious to attend for dental care. By treating patients with kindness and giving them a sense of comfort, a dentist can make a visit enjoyable and no longer daunting.

My team and I would welcome the opportunity to care for you in this way.