Treatment overview

If you have multiple missing, broken or worn teeth then you may require a full mouth restoration of your teeth. This involves restoring your teeth with crowns, bridges, onlays, implants or veneers which rebuild your bite, reposition teeth which have shifted or crowded, remove the sunken-in look from your lips and cheeks and enhance your smile. Commonly all 24 to 28 teeth will be restored at once but for patients who need to spread the treatment over 1-2 years, this is possible, albeit more complex.

Our method

The full mouth reconstruction process starts with your consultation visit when your jaws, gums, bite, teeth, photographs and x-rays will be studied in detail. Using computer technology your smile will be designed and then reproduced in wax by the technician from which your temporary teeth will be copied. At the second appointment, this will be shown to you for your approval.

After your teeth are prepared which can be performed under sedation for anxious patients, temporary fixed teeth will be placed for you to trial your new full mouth restoration at home. This step allows for your appearance, bite and speech to be perfected before duplicating the final porcelain crowns.  The final visit will be to cement your crowns into place which, when performed by a prosthodontist, will last many years.

Key Benefit

If you are suffering with a severely damaged bite or smile, and want to prevent further harm you can restore your oral health with a full mouth reconstruction at the Harley Street practice of Dr Sam Sherif.